The Family Co-Op was founded by artist and mum Ivy Parker, who lives with her husband, two children, and multitude of animals in West Sussex, England. The company provides the high quality, professionally designed products families need and deserve at affordable prices.

As a family operated business, The Family Co-Op is nimble in its response to consumer need and strives to provide a welcoming, positive experience for shoppers across all its brands. Since Ivy’s own children, Lyric & Jack, are involved in the business, the family also uses the company as a vehicle to instill the importance of helping others and giving back. This is a significant aspect of The Family Co-Op’s fabric and reason for being.

The Family Co-Op has distribution facilities in the UK and USA, enabling efficient delivery services to customers throughout Europe and North America.

We are proud to serve your family, are accessible if you have questions or ideas, and appreciate your support. Let’s grow together!